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San Diego event photographer Emilio Azevedo offers San Diego companies and business the very best in San Diego event photography.

Are you holding an event in San Diego? Who will be your San Diego event photographer?

Take a look on some aspects of an event day when looking for a San Diego event photographer.

When selecting your San Diego event photographer you must keep in mind that this San Diego event photographer will be really close to you and your attendees throughout your entire event day. With that being said you must “click” and connect with your San Diego event photographer. Personality is as important as shooting style.

How much do event photographers cost?
There are many things to consider when planning event. Among those things, in my experience; quality, value and cost are rather important to people. Especially these days. People want the best photographer, for the lowest cost, and they do not want any mistakes. And who can blame them?! On my San Diego event day, I wanted the same thing. As with any field, you will find those who have very little experience and are willing to charge very little. You will also find San Diego event photographers who charge great amounts of money for their work. Their work might be excellent, however, if your budget is tight- some people just wonder “how low can we go and still make sure that the photographer is an expert?” There are some things to take into consideration: First, one needs to take a look at this photographer’s work. My advice would be to take a look at a high-level photographer’s work (I am willing to show my work to anyone free of charge- I offer consultations free to anyone). Look with your own eyes and see if their work is any good. The difference between an experienced photographer’s and a fledgling “novice” San Diego event photographer is like night and day. Your San Diego event only happens once. Then next point to consider is if you make a connection with your San Diego photographer. Novices are usually found for less money. As stated, novices can make costly and “dire” errors and usually, yes you bet, the pics are not nearly as good as ones from an expert. Experts know where to go, where to stand and they are excellent at anticipating the next moves. The finished product is a photo journalistic account of your special day which is tailored to what YOU want- not something forced.

The coverage of a San Diego event day starts at registration getting my badge and entering the event. The event starts with my client or producer in charge connecting me with key note speakers, scheduled events for the day and also a overall assessment of the entire event as a whole. It’s very important to capture the vibe of the event and people that is “making the scene”. It’s crucial to portrait the whole vibe of the event as well as details and VIP guests.
San Diego Event Photographer

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